Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Reminder

It’s halfway through 2013.  It doesn’t feel like it is, since apparently we skipped spring this year while winter hung around, but finally summer has arrived!

With the days long and (sometimes) sunny, and the plants bursting into bloom, now is a great time to remember what your New Year’s resolution was.

How have you been doing on it?  Made progress?

My resolution was:

“Try not to worry so much.”

How am I doing?  Really badly!  And this is why I need the reminder.

The UK is undergoing a massive land grab by developers.  The plan is to build “affordable” homes for first time buyers and boost the economy.  All its doing is forcing people into shoe box houses, while older houses that they could afford but can’t get the deposit for are left empty for years on the market.  It’s not going to fix the economy, but it will destroy the green spaces that wildlife and people rely on for survival.
My hometown is not going to have any green space left around it at all if this goes ahead.
It has been a huge worry, not only for the environment (which would upset me anyway) but also because on a personal level, they want to bulldoze a beautiful bluebell wood that I played in while I was growing up, and means a lot to me.

This all also got me worrying about the future in general.  I never understood why everyone didn’t want to reach the Star Trek ideal of living in a beautiful place where everyone works to better themselves.  Can you imagine it?  Wide open spaces, fresh clean air, abundant wildlife, free education, spaceships. :)  Sounds nice to me.   

On the positive side of things, the community has come together and now are working to try and find a better solution to try and get the houses built on brownfield land and save the greenfield.

So after the tricky month of May, it’s time for a reset.

Six months left to fulfil that resolution. :)  Good luck!

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